Indulge your skin (and senses) with regular detox baths. Himalayan minerals or Dead Sea Salts will pull toxins out of the skin and make your muscles feel 'oh so good!' Add your favorite essential oil scent to your bath minerals for ultimate relaxation!


Dry heat zaps moisture from the skin. Use a humidifier in winter months. A humidifier imparts moisture to skin, but also assists in keeping sinuses from dryin out - resulting in sinus headaches and infections. And don't overlook a daily moisturizer such as a Natural Body Butter. Shea Butter is a favorite for a beautiful satin finish for all over the body and is also a natural sunscreen! 

Holistic Tips for Healthy Skin

Experts agree that the key to beautiful skin is a Healthy Lifestyle - which consists of adequate sleep, regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Nourish the Skin by eating foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids; such as Fish, Beans, Turkey and Lean Beef. Snack on seeds and broccoli florets for a daily dose of Vitamin E.

Stay hydrated by drinking non-carbonated beverages; such as water and herbal teas. (Iced tea is especially refreshing in the warmer months).


Rheumatoid Arthritis, also known as RA, is a debilitating disease and unfortunately, a common
one. It affects the joints and organs and is characterized by a build up of fluid in the joints and is very painful and can feel similar to flu-like symptoms. Sometimes RA can affect the heart & lungs. Unfortunately RA affects women
more than men. And more alarmingly, RA sufferers in most cases lead sedentary lives because of the pain of moving.

Did you know that massage therapy can help to increase flexibility and movement in the joints?

It can also cut down on inflammation. Let our experienced and compassionate therapists help
improve the quality of your life or family members life. If you suffer from RA...Massage will keep you moving!

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The days are getting longer, the weather warmer and the whole world is at your fingertips. You want to spend more time in the sunshine outdoors - but you don't want to be mosquito bait!

Did you know that you can repel mosquito's with a blend of essential oils that can be formulated at home? I opt for a formula of eucalyptus and geranium - both are highly effective (and smell very nice, but mosquitoes hate the smell them).
Would you like to try my favorite recipe?

"Buzz-Off Oil"
Ingredients needed:
8 Ounce almond oil
4 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops eucalyptus essential oil
3 drops Geranium essential oil
2 drops Lavender essential oil

Pour almond oil in a treatment bottle, then add all essential oils and shake well. (That's it! Easy
right?) Once complete, apply to exposed areas of the body when outdoors.

Note: Avoid contact with your eyes.

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