Moving Update #2 - [Delayed and Special Hours]

Here's an update on the move to our new location.

We at Sianna Muscles in Motion would like to express our thanks for your patience during this time as we prepare for our move.  Unfortunately we have to inform you that our move in date has been delayed again.  We are off schedule due to the amount of work going into our new space and the inspections that must be passed.

Our new planned opening date is August 15th.

Hopefully we won't have to push our opening date back again, but if we do we'll be sure to update you.  In the meantime we've decided to keep two of our massage rooms open so if you would like to come in for a massage or reflexology session at our current office you are able to do so.  During this time we have special hours that will change by the week until we move in with limited availability.  Each week's operating hours are subject to change.

Special Hours for July 29th - August 5th
Sunday, July 29th: CLOSED
Monday, July 31st: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday, August 2nd: 10am - 5pm
Thursday, August 3th: 10am - 7pm
Friday, August 4th: 10am - 7pm
Saturday, August 5th: 10am - 7pm

These hours will also be posted on our contact page.  To schedule an appointment please call 313-638-1542.  We will not be handling scheduling over email during this time.

Once again we thank you for your understanding during this time and we look forward to having you with us soon!

We're Moving!! (UPDATED)

We have exciting to information to share!

If you haven't heard already, WE'RE MOVING. Don't worry, it's right next door to our current location.  We're confident that our new location will continue to enhance your experience with Sianna Muscles in Motion!

Our New Location Will Feature

• An Updated Storefront
• Larger Space and New Layout
• More Parking
• A Dedicated Couples Massage Room
 (currently Couples Massage is shared with the room where we hold our spa parties).
• A Dedicated Space for Physical Therapy!  Physical Therapy will be added to our list of treatments in the Fall!

The contractors are hard at work with the build out of the facility, we expect them to finish within the next couple of weeks.  

In preparation for our move we will be closed between July 15th - August 14th (update).  

We will reopen on August 15th (update) with New Business Hours, Including being open on Tuesdays! During the time that we are closed we will still answer phone calls and emails as time allows, but our communication will be limited.  We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time.

We will have more updates to share in the near future.  Be sure to check back on our blog and visit our Facebook Page.  If you have any questions in the meantime feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 313-638-1542.

As always thank you for choosing Sianna Muscles in Motion!

Our Tropical Paradise Event was a Success!

The Rainy Season

After months of planning, our Tropical Paradise customer appreciation event is arrived and passed before we knew it.  We were hoping for sunny skies that day, but it unfortunately it rained (and boy did it pour too!).  But you know it's ok! Because in actual Tropical regions there is the rainy season - so it still fit with our theme.

Despite the torrential weather we still had a wonderful turn out and a great time!  We certainly appreciate all who faced the weather with us and were very patient with us as we adapted to the unpredictable weather patterns of the day.  If you couldn't make it we definitely understand!

BELLY DANCING and Movement!

Movement was a big part of our event this year.  We wanted our guests to have fun and find enjoyable ways to engage in exercise.  We had a live presentation of DSKO Fitness, Hula Hoop Contest and a Belly Dancing Presentation.  The two Live Belly Dancing presentations presented and instructed by Dee Watkins of Futurewave Productions LLC | FITNESS AND DANCE STUDIO was a big hit for both those participating (including several from the Sianna Staff) and the observers.  Dee showed us how Belly Dancing is a fun and easy way to become more active and engage in core strengthening!

It helps with low back pain, stiffness and soreness in all areas of the body.  We are in the planning stages of hosting affordable Belly Dancing classes here at our office on Tuesdays.  If you are interested in gaining more information please fill out form below.

Customer Appreciation Week

Due to the rainy day we know many of our dear clients couldn't make it to our event. With that in mind we decided to extend our Customer Appreciation specials to this Saturday, August 20, 2016.  These offers were originally only available at the customer appreciation event but now are available for you to take advantage of all week.  You can find these special offers on our "Specials" page.

Tropical Spa Getaway GIVEAWAY

Individuals who came to Tropical Paradise were automatically entered into a drawing for a Tropical Spa Getaway.  The winner was randomly chosen after the event.  We are happy to announce that "Christine Ouellette " is the winner of this package! Congratulations Christine!!

It includes a Tropical Body Polishing, Facial with Spa Products: Shower Gel, Lotion and Scrub!

We are looking forward to our next event!  Thank you again for your support and trusting us with your care!


Indulge your skin (and senses) with regular detox baths. Himalayan minerals or Dead Sea Salts will pull toxins out of the skin and make your muscles feel 'oh so good!' Add your favorite essential oil scent to your bath minerals for ultimate relaxation!


Dry heat zaps moisture from the skin. Use a humidifier in winter months. A humidifier imparts moisture to skin, but also assists in keeping sinuses from dryin out - resulting in sinus headaches and infections. And don't overlook a daily moisturizer such as a Natural Body Butter. Shea Butter is a favorite for a beautiful satin finish for all over the body and is also a natural sunscreen!