9th Annual Carnival of Care

Yesterday, Sunday March 22nd 2015, we were privileged to be vendors at the 9th annual Carnival of Care event!  The Carnival of Care is a beautiful one-day event to honor, celebrate, support, and bring joy to survivors of catastrophic injuries, disabilities, their families, and caregivers!  This was our third year attending and we feel so honored to have been invited back again.

Carnival of Care Stage

This year the staff of Sianna Muscles in Motion was stationed in the lovely 'relaxation room' alongside other wonderful massage therapist of other companies.  In this large, dimly lit and quiet area we were able to provide brief therapeutic care to help ease the pain and stiffness of the attendees - or help those who just wanted to loosen up their arms for another round of games!  If you were able to attend please leave a comment below sharing your favorite part of the event!  Also be sure to LIKE! Carnival of Care on Facebook. Please enjoy some of the photos Leo, our staff photographer and graphic designer, was able to take throughout the day.