Everyday life can trigger stress which can disrupt normal body functions resulting in loss of
sleep and low energy. Daily sustained stress overtime can create a pattern which can have
devastating long-term effects. Many persons, including health professionals have embraced a
holistic approach to "de-stress" - by taking time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a relaxing
spa service at Sianna Muscles in Motion.

We invite you to nurture yourself by letting one of our skilled staff use their "Healing Hands" and gentle touch to relax, soothe and melt away your stress. Incorporating the use of essential oils and aromatherapy - which have healing properties - by working on the mind and body simultaneously!

Top off your relaxation service with a warm cup of herbal tea and ask about a container of spa
minerals for a detox bath. Browse our menu of services and find one that suits your needs.

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