For some, this condition is annoying; but for others, the symptoms can be disabling! Imagine
having to live with chronic fatigue and pain that radiates all over your body, including deep within your muscles. As if the above weren't bad enough - add to your misery sleepless nights, irritable bowel syndrome and brain fog! And of course, add to that the depression and anxiety associated with not understanding why you hurt so bad...More women are affected with Fibromyalgia than men; and medical research has not found an answer as to the causes of this crippling disorder. The traditional approach to treating this condition is to prescribe a wide array of anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and anti-depressants. These drugs only mask the symptoms and provide temporary pain relief.

Did you know?
There is an alternative approach to treating Fibromyalgia without drugs? More & more affected ones are turning to massage therapy which helps to relax inflamed muscles, ligaments and other tissues. With this increased blood flow, you can "turn off" these pain receptors! Let the warmth of 'Healing Hands' and gentle touch assist with you body's natural healing ability to provide relief; incorporating the use of warm soothing oils, hot stones and gentle stretches.

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