For people with diabetes eating out - whether at a restaurant, a function or a friends home - is
always a challenge. Portions can be packed with calories and saturated fat. And of course,
when it comes to dessert, its hard to say no to that eye-pleasing concoction! Though easier said than done you CAN take control of what we eat by following these simple guidelines endorsed by medical practitioners, from Harvard Medical School:
• When dining out ask how entrees are prepared and avoid dishes served with heavy sauces of gravies.
• Choose skinless chicken, fish or lean meat that broiled, poached, baked or grille.
• Don't feel obligated to clean your plate! Eat a reasonable portion then take the rest home.
• Choose steamed veggies and salads to accompany your meals. Request low calorie
dressings and toppings and go easy on the butter.
• If you crave a dessert, share it.

Did you know?
Diabetics should protect their feet with good daily care. Sensible, well-fitted shoes, good nail
care and regular inspections of the sole of the foot is a must.
Sianna Muscles in Motion specializes in diabetic foot care. Our experienced specialist in reflexology will answer questions that you have about a diabetic foot regimen which includes a mineral foot soak, foot massage to increase circulation and exfoliation.

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