With the Fall season underway; many are starting to feel that aching feeling accompanied by a
sinus headache, or stuffy nose. During this time of year, pharmaceutical relief is big business.
There is no better initiation into the world of herbs than to try these simple remedies at home for these common complaints:

For Stuffy Nose and Sinus Headache
Try the inhalation method: Using a bowl of hot and steamy water, add five droops of
peppermint, eucalyptus or camphor essential oil to water. Lean over the steaming liquid and
breathe deeply until water starts to cool. Repeat twice a day.

Herbal Baths
After filling tub with warm bath water, add 4-5 drops of your favorite relaxing essential oil - such as Rose, Lavender or Frankincense. For a detox bath, sprinkle your favorite aromatherapy
blend of sea minerals. Aroma Garden located inside of Sianna Muscles in Motion carries a line
of natural sea minerals that will relieve muscular tension and detox in over 100 fragrances.
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