For most people eyesight begins to change after the age of 40. Like any other body part with
lots of mileage, eyesight can start to wear out. The eyes can be likened as a "window to the
soul" and can at times give a snapshot of overall health.

There are things that we can do to boost eye health. They are not hard to follow if we value our eyesight and are committed to live a healthy lifestyle.
• Exercise Regularly: Eyes rely on good circulation
• Avoid cigarette smoke which can be a major cause of dry eye.
• Make green-leafy vegetables a regular part of your diet. They are packed with antioxidants
and can promote eye-health & vitality!
• Get some shut-eye. Sleepy eyes are continuously bathed in tears which help clear away dust
and allergens.
• Get regular health screenings to check for risk factors such as hypertension and diabetes which can do damage to the eyes. If you already struggle with these chronic conditions maintain yearly eye exams with an ophthalmologist!

Note: If you have hypertension or diabetes keep blood sugar levels under control and check
your blood pressure daily to prevent muscular degeneration.