New to 2015 we'll be featuring a scent of the month. We will be highlighting the chosen scent in our office in our services and offering special discounts to our take home products. The scent of the month chosen for January is Lavender!
The scientific name for lavender is "Lavendula." In Biblical times lavender was known as "nard"
and was referred to as a very costly oil. Lavender is a captivating herb from the mint family and is known for it's unique shape and color - which can range from blue, purple, lilac and
sometimes dark purple with a yellow border. Lavender is grown and harvested all over the
world, especially in temperate climates.

Commercially, the plant is grown mainly for the production of it's exquisite oil, which has
antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is mainly used for aromatherapy,
therapeutic and medicinal purposes. The essence of lavender has sweet overtones with a
touch of mint and is known to relax deeply, no matter how it is used!

Uses of Lavender
Lavender is often formulated in personal care products, body oils and often used in a vaporizer. Sianna Muscles in Motion has a wide selection of natural body care products formulated with lavender. As you enter our office you may find the essence of Lavender permeating from our
relaxation rooms.

Mention this blog during the month of January and to receive 25% off a bag of mineral bath salts or body oil blended with Lavender!