If you have just one essential oil in your possession, it should be tea tree oil! Tea tree oil is one of the finest essential oils known to man because of it's many benefits as a natural immune booster; and it's ability to fight infections.

Tea tree stems from the cypress-like Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. It is extracted from the tree
leaves and steam distilled. Tea tree can be inhaled via humidifier or steam inhalation. It can
also be applied to the skin in various ways. Tea tree oil is non-toxic, but avoid applying it around the eyes or nose.

Here is a list of it's many uses:
• It works to heal skin conditions or fungus.
• Soothes and heals cold sores
• Treats athletes foot and dandruff.
• When inhaled in a vaporizer or humidifier - it helps with shortness of breath and flu-like

NOTE: Because of it's potency, avoid applying tea tree directly to the skin, unless it's blended
with a carrier oil.