Infant massage is common in many lands and is becoming popular in some western countries.
In Nigeria it is a traditional practice for mothers to massage their babies. Infant massage is a
subtle, tender and pleasant technique that enables a parent to communicate physically and
emotionally with their baby. It includes gentle, yet firm strokes to the baby's feet, legs, back,
chest and tummy. But you may wonder, what does an infant get from a massage?
Above all, a feeling of love and tenderness. Since the sense of touch develops fresh out of the womb; massage is beneficial to a baby's emotional health. And because the baby's senses of touch, sight and sound are stimulated, massage prepares an infant for a lifetime of learning!

Though no one can replace a mother's touch - Sianna Muscles in Motion's trained therapists
can assist a mom in providing special massage techniques to assist her in infant massage.

A gentle touch is an expression from the heart!