"As I took my morning stroll through a wooded grassy area, I stumbled upon a beautiful blue
egg. Amazed at the color & complexity of my find, I examined it wondering what was inside.
Was it a reptile or a bird? Puzzled, I decided not to disturb the egg. Suddenly it dawned on me
that this was a Blue Robin Egg! Wow, how amazing! Never had I seen a robin's egg before and it filled me with awe that my God created so many beautiful things.

As I continued my stroll I spotted butterflies and heard the gentle hum of bees. Everything
around me too on new life; and I lifted my heart in praise and honor to my Heavenly Father for
all of his gifts in nature. Continuing down that path were two little girls picking flowers. Each
handed me a purple orchid. The scent was amazing and as I continued my stroll the scent of
Lilac & Lavender filled my nostrils and enveloped every fiber of my being....

As the warmth of my massage therapist's hands embraced every muscle in my body I lost all
sense of time and space...Only the reflections of a beautiful dream remained. I felt utterly
relaxed and all tension erased. I thanked my massage therapist for the wonderful experience
and scheduled my next appointment."

- A special blog post from Karen of Aroma Garden -

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