We know whole grains are healthier than refined products, but it can be hard to make changes in our diets. Follow these tips and you'll be consuming more whole-grains in no time:

TIP #1 - READ THE LABEL. Multi grain or 100% wheat does not mean "whole grain." Check the ingredient list and choose foods that have the first ingredient listed as buckwheat, bulgur, millet, oatmeal, guinoa, rolled oats, or barley.
TIP#2 - MAKE THE SWITCH Many of the foods you eat probably have whole grain counterparts. Instead of pancakes or bagels made with white flour; try the "whole wheat kind." For lunch, try a sandwich made on a hearty whole wheat roll. And whole grain crackers taste great with your favorite dip or salsa.

Small changes go a long way toward a healthier lifestyle.
Happy Shopping!