Introducing Spa Week!

Beginning at the end of this Month, April 2019, we are starting a new monthly promotion we’re calling “Spa Week.” During Spa Week we will be featuring 1 Week of specially priced services, gift cards/certificates, bonus offers and more. You don’t need to be a Sianna Plus member to take advantage of the Spa Week offers, but members will get a bonus discount on some of the special offers. We will still have other monthly specials in addition to the Spa Week offerings.

How Spa Week Works

We will post 3 months worth of Spa Week specials online and in office at a time so you can plan ahead on what special offers you would like to take advantage of. Spa Week offers cannot be combined with other special offers or promotions. Spa Week specials will work in one of 3 ways

  1. Discounts or Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offers on Services, such as Full Body Massage, Reflexology or Hot Stone Massage.

  2. Discounts on Products

  3. Discounts or Bonus Cash on Gift Certificates or Gift Cards.

For the special offers on services you can book your appointments in advance to guarantee you can get an appointment during that week, but if you reschedule you will not receive the discount on the service if it is rescheduled outside of Spa Week. If you already have an appointment scheduled for the discounted service you will pay the discounted rate (unless your service was pre-paid for with a Gift Certificate or was a pre-paid bundle). Services do not need to be paid for in advance unless otherwise noted in the terms for that special offer.

For special offers on Products or Gift Cards/Certificates, you will have to purchase them in-office or online during that week when the special is live.

Staying Up to Date

To keep up with the upcoming Spa Week specials you can visit our new page on the website dedicated to Spa Week. You will find it under ‘Specials’ tab. We will also send out emails when the new offer announcements are available and will post update notifications on our Facebook page. The Specials for April, May and June 2019 are listed now!

Relaxation within Reach

Our goal to help you maintain your body with reduced stress and pain. We want Massage Therapy and other relaxing services to be something you can afford to treat yourself to regularly without it being a financial burden on your life. We hope that our Spa Week specials will be another way to help regular massage therapy stay within your reach.

Excited? We are too! Head on over to our Spa Week page to see the upcoming specials for April, May and June 2019.