Massage Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Treating Brain Injuries

As we continue to support Brain Injury Awareness Month and #ChangeYourMind about Brain Injury, we’d like to focus on 3 methods of treatment that are available to those who suffer from an Acquired Brain Injury.  We’ll first discuss the benefits of Massage Therapy for patients with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  In future posts, we’ll discuss how these patients can benefit from Physical Therapy and Talk Therapy (consultations with Mental Health Professional). Comprehensive, intensive rehabilitation is the standard of care after brain injury.


At Sianna Muscles in Motion we have been treating patients who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury for 15 years.


When a person has a Traumatic Brain Injury after life-saving measures have been performed, Massage Therapy is an excellent form of treatment to incorporate into a patient’s recovery and maintenance plan; especially if they were in a coma for any prolonged period of time.


Massage Therapy will help the person with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

• Increase blood and lymph circulation
• Reduce Spasticity, contracture, or stiffness  
• Helps too to calm the patient’s mood as they adjust to a new normal
• Helps to improve and maintain comfort and mobility if the patient suffers from a prolonged injury and/or ailments.

Massage Therapy compliments the treatment provided by a Mental Health Professional as it helps remove the memory of the trauma that can be stored in the muscles.

Massage for Auto Injuries

A motor vehicle accident is one of the most common causes of a traumatic brain injury.  If you were in an auto accident and are interested in treatment, we invite you to learn more and see the steps to begin treatment by visiting our Massage for Auto Injuries page.