Moving Update #2 - [Delayed and Special Hours]

Here's an update on the move to our new location.

We at Sianna Muscles in Motion would like to express our thanks for your patience during this time as we prepare for our move.  Unfortunately we have to inform you that our move in date has been delayed again.  We are off schedule due to the amount of work going into our new space and the inspections that must be passed.

Our new planned opening date is August 15th.

Hopefully we won't have to push our opening date back again, but if we do we'll be sure to update you.  In the meantime we've decided to keep two of our massage rooms open so if you would like to come in for a massage or reflexology session at our current office you are able to do so.  During this time we have special hours that will change by the week until we move in with limited availability.  Each week's operating hours are subject to change.

Special Hours for July 29th - August 5th
Sunday, July 29th: CLOSED
Monday, July 31st: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday, August 2nd: 10am - 5pm
Thursday, August 3th: 10am - 7pm
Friday, August 4th: 10am - 7pm
Saturday, August 5th: 10am - 7pm

These hours will also be posted on our contact page.  To schedule an appointment please call 313-638-1542.  We will not be handling scheduling over email during this time.

Once again we thank you for your understanding during this time and we look forward to having you with us soon!