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Relaxation Bundle


Relaxation Bundle

300.00 460.00

What You're Purchasing
You will receive a special gift certificate that you can use to redeem the included services at your convenience until June 2019.  You can redeem the services in any order, but you cannot redeem more than 1 service in a single visit.  Limited Availability: Only 50 Certificates are available for purchase.

Ultimate Relaxation Bundle Contents

  • 1 Hour Full Body Massage

  • 1 Hour Reflexology with Stone Therapy

  • 75 Minute Full Body Massage & Hydrating Back Facial

  • 1 Hour Beautiful Life Facial Fitness Massage

  • Your Choice of any 1 Hour Service (excluding couples massage)

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The Cost - $300
The total cost of the bundle if the services are purchased separately at regular price is between $435 - $460 (the final total cost depends on the 5th service that is chosen).

Limited Availability
• Relaxation Bundles are available for purchase Sunday, December 10th - December 27th online and in office. 
• Only 50 Bundles will be available for purchase.