Our Network

A Patient-Focused Care Network

The Sianna Muscles in Motion team is determined to ensure patient's are provided with the best comprehensive patient-focused care available in the Michigan area.   In addition to the Massage Therapy provided at our facility, we have a strong network of knowledgeable and caring professionals and facilities - we would like to introduce you to a few.

Eisenhower Center specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy and Recovery.  Eisenhower's goal is to give their clients the support needed to climb every hurdle.  Give encouragement through the hard times. To celebrate each and every accomplishment  and enable patients with a traumatic brain injury to lead a normal life.  Eisenhower Center offers a variety of Core and Clinical services, including Program Coordination, Behavior Analysis, Substance Abuse Prevention, Music Therapy, Supported Employment, Residential Services and More.


U.S. Rehabilitation and Health Services is well aware of the complications associated with Auto Accident Injuries such as chronic back issues, loss of strength, and the long rehabilitation process. We dedicate ourselves to help auto accident victims get back to full health after an accident, we help our patients though the myriads of legal and financial problems that come with the accident process.

The staff at U.S. Rehabilitation and Health Services has been recognized as one of the most talented and dedicated in its respective fields. We ensure that our offices and facilities are neat and clean so as to provide our patients with a healthy environment for their rehab treatment. Our Case Managers, Physiotherapists, Auto Accident Attorneys, Massage Therapists and Pain Management Doctors are always ready to guide our clients back to health and enable them to take control of their lives after accidents, injuries, chronic disorders or traumas.

Our goal is to return our patients to full function, and keep them satisfied. 


Élan Vitale: Healthy Living Solutions by Jackie Duncan, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who treats the person and not a diagnosis.  To treat the mind, body and spirit, she accesses a vast tool box including psychotherapy and medication management.  Jackie strives to look for ways to step outside the box to provide a service plan tailored to the individual person.  Whether it is the wear and tear of everyday life stressors or a full blown 'meltdown', she will help you find the healthy solution to achieve an evolution of health for the entire being. 

Élan Vitale: Healthy Living Solutions have patients that range from the executive to the everyday working person treating a whole spectrum of mental health disorders.  She specializes in treating depression, anxiety, those who suffer from post traumatic stress, patients with a traumatic brain injury, victims of auto accidents or any other life changing event which has led to depression, anxiety, mind and body pain, or a weakened body and spirit.