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Sianna Muscles in Motion is a patient-focused musculoskeletal rehabilitation center specializing in therapeutic medical massage. Our goal is to assist the patient to achieve maximum recovery using methods that do not use drugs or surgery. 

We coordinate care with Pain Management and Rehabilitation Physicians from the University of Michigan, Case Management Companies, Residential Communities and other health professionals who refer patients to us with a wide variety of conditions.  Many of our patients have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with some patients suffering from extreme physical and emotional ailments such as a sustained traumatic brain injury, various forms of paralysis, and required amputations.

We also work with differing programs  “After the Impact” which provides specialized care for athletes, veterans and first responders who require care for health/behavioral issues from post-concussion syndrome, post-traumatic stress, TBI or other similar diagnoses.  We provide care through our primary facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, one of our satellite facilities, and through home visits for select patients who are unable to travel to our facility.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety after the Initial Trauma throughout the Healing Process.

Improves Blood and Lymph circulation, giving your body the Necessary Nutrients to Heal.

Reduces Myofascial Trigger Points or Adhesions

Lengthens Short/Tight Muscles Restoring Flexibility.

Reduces Chronic Episodes of Inflammation and Swelling that causes Pain and Restrictions of Movement.

Reduces Pain and Stiffness.

Improves Sleep Patterns which aids in the Natural Healing Process of your Body.

Relieve pain symptoms such as: Migrane Headaches, Nerve Compression, Numbness, Muscles Spasms, TMJ, and much more.